Pumpkin Seed Protein

Our Pumpkin Protein is sourced internationally from certified organic growers. We import dried seeds and cold press them to extract the oil and proteins. Our protein powder content is 60% with natural variations. Pumpkin protein offers health-minded consumers a nutrient dense, all natural protein source, that is hypoallergenic and digests easily.

Hemp Protein (35%, 43%, 50%)

Our hemp seed is sourced from both conventional and organic growers across Canada where hemp production has been allowed since 1998. All of our hempseed products are manufactured from varieties of Cannabis Sativa that do not contain significant amounts of THC, the psychoactive element present in the cannabis plant. The seed cake produced from our cold-pressing process of the hemp seed is milled to produce a nutrient rich protein powder, available in varying concentrations of 35%, 43% and 50%.

Flax Protein

Canada is the largest producer of flaxseed in the world, and we source all of our flaxseed from conventional and organic growers across the Canadian Prairies. Our flaxseed is cold-pressed to extract the oil, leaving a protein-rich seed cake. This seed cake is then cold-milled into a nutrient rich protein powder, containing both omega-3 ALA and fiber.

Coconut Flour

Our coconut flour is obtained from dried coconut meat, sourced from international sustainable farms. The meat is cold pressed at our facilities to yield the oil and the cake. This cake is then coldmilled to produce our nutrient-rich coconut flour. Coconut flour a favorite amongst paleo dieters, gluten free eaters, anyone with a nut allergy, and everyone in between.

Chia Protein

Chia seeds are considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet, containing nutrients and fats that are essential to body and brain health. We source our chia seeds from certified organic farms in South America that have been hand-selected through our supply chain. Our chia seed is cold-pressed to extract the oil, leaving a protein-rich seed cake, which is cold-milled into a nutritious, plant-based protein powder.