Our processing capabilities continue to grow to meet the changing demands of the natural and organic food industry. Here is a sample of our in house processing capabilities:

  • De-hull organic and conventional hemp seed
  • Cold press oil seeds- hemp, sunflower, flax, coconut, pumpkin, watermelon, chia and more
  • Mill a variety of oil seeds and grains – Flax, chia, Canadian Quinoa and more
  • Mill and sift to produce high quality vegetarian and vegan proteins
  • Premium vegetarian and vegan fibre
  • Filter and blend oils for client preferred clarity, flavor, higher smoke point, or fatty acid content
  • Blend proteins to create custom mixes and flavors
  • Mill products to create custom blended, organic spreads for cooking and baking.
  • Proprietary processes to extract high protein and fibre from vegan sources
  • Heated and cooled vacuum emulsions of ingredients like vegetable oils, water, sweeteners and flavours.

At Food4Change we continue to innovate and create processes and products to extend product lines for our partners. If you are considering a project and need a custom process, ask us. We will bring together our experience and facility resources to create the perfect product for your need.

Quality Organic Ingredients

Food4Change products are extracted from Canadian and global natural food sources. Our specialties are oils, fiber, spreads, seeds and protein. Our competencies are branding, sourcing, processing, packaging and distribution.

Certifications Available

  • Canada Organic
  • OU Kosher
  • Pro-Cert
  • SQF
  • USDA