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Hemp Hearts

Our hemp seed is sourced from both conventional and organic growers across Canada where hemp production has been allowed since 1998. All of our hempseed products are manufactured from varieties of Cannabis Sativa that do not contain significant amounts of THC, the psychoactive element present in the cannabis plant. We de-hull the seeds leaving only the hearts, cleaned to exceed industry standards for a highly desirable, minimally processed finished product.

Possible Certifications
  • Canada Organic
  • OU Kosher
  • Pro-Cert
  • SQF
  • USDA
Packaging & Processing Capabilities
  • Bottle
  • Jar
  • Spray
  • Encapsulated
  • 22kg Bags
  • 920kg Tote
  • Stand-Up Pouch
  • 202 Litre Drum

Quick Facts

  • Contains twenty amino acids, including all nine essential amino acids that your body is unable to produce on its own
  • Free from gluten, cholesterol, sodium and allergens
  • Blend into smoothies, dairy-free milk beverages, and juices
  • Very high in phosphorus and vitamin E
  • High in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, with an ideal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6
  • Use as a garnish on salads, prepared food, etc.
  • Add as a baking ingredient to bread, muffins, granola or cookies


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